Dr. Saqib Jabbar (PhD, China)

Nanjing Agricultural University: My Unforgettable Memories

Expression of Thanks

All my gratitude and prayer is extended to ALLAH almighty who is the bestower and sustainer of life. He persuades us to seek knowledge and unleash the magnanimity of this universe through our conscience for the welfare and prosperity of our fellow beings. His last messenger Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) cannot be excluded from my appraisal as he is the one who guided us to civility and instilled knowledge into us, thus enabling us to develop a logical approach and unearth the myths of knowledge.

My sincere gratitude goes to the Government of the People’s Republic of China for granting me an opportunity to be part of the exchange program and all financial support during this course.

I sincerely and honestly record my indebtedness to my Supervisor, Professor Dr. Xiaoxiong Zeng, College of Food Science and Technology, whose realistic and persuasive supervision turned out to be a boom for me during the entire course of study. I am extremely indebted to him for the scientific attitude he has installed in me which will definitely stand in all future endeavors. He has always been willing to spare time and encourage when needed.

I would be doing a great injustice if I do not extend my thanks in particular to my friend Muhammad Abid who guided and helped me through his critical observations and justified appraisal.

Sincere regards to all the Teachers of the College of Food Science and Technology, for sharing all the scientific and technical knowledge with me during my Ph.D. Especially, the much desired support of Associate Professor, Tao Wu and Dr. Bing Hu in my project and related matters really saved my life from hurdles and unknown respites, and made able to meet all the deadlines.

I owe a special appreciation to all my Laboratory Colleagues of College of Food Science and Technology for their immeasurable contribution towards this research by creating the atmosphere to the successful completion of this work. Especially, Shicheng Lei, Dai Zhuqing, Qing Chuan and Minhao Xie made countless efforts for me in the lab, even during holidays. I wish them all the best in their life. I cannot ignore the support offered by my Chinese Friends Dr. Gan Dan, Dr. Xiuling Zhu, Dr. Xin Zhang, Wu Zhang Wei, Sun Yong Kang, Su Di, Wu Jing, Fan Jia Long, Fei Qun Qin, Wang Hui, Ge Yan, Zhao Yue, Lang Chang Ye and Shi Wen Wei. I wish them success and peaceful life.

The support offered to me by the College of International Education played very important role for achievement of my objectives, with least disturbance. Special thanks to Prof. Zhang Hongsheng, Prof. Shi Song, Cheng Weihua, Man Pingping, Guo Lijuan and Several Volunteers of the college, kept me on track, with caring of all the matters related to administration and foreign affairs.

I deeply thanks to Dr. Malik Muhammad Hashim, Dr. Muhammad Ammar Khan, Dr. Ali Abdullah Shah, Dr Waseem Raza, Dr. Ishaq Asif Rehmani, Dr. Syed Tahir Ata-ul-Karim Bukhari and Dr. Tariq Masood for accompanying me and appreciation during my experiment. Special thanks to Fiaz Ahmad, Wajid Nazeer, Sher Ali Rajput, and Hafiz Muhammad Saeed-ud-din for their active support and useful contribution towards mutual learning of several scientific and research concepts, using software and cheerful support.

My humble regards to Dr. Shahid Bilal for his sincere guidance, courage and prayers, which made my life easy during the tensest period of my life.

The last but not the least, no adequate words can express my feelings and humble gratitude towards my affectionate Parents and my beloved Family for their immense love and prayers for my success. Nothing can pay for their patience and sacrifice, when I was away from them during the most important events of life. They really contributed in every aspect in achieving this milestone for me. May God bless them all. Aameen.

Dr. Saqib Jabbar